12 Laws & Sobriety

Here is an ultra-short version of the Universal Laws and how we can apply their principles to our sober life. For an in-depth study of these principles and how to apply them contact Lisa directly.

I. The Law of Divine Oneness
I am connected at a quantum level this is a truth of science. What I do matters. How I take care of self and treat others matters.

II. The Law of Vibration
All things seen and unseen are energy. The is a proven scientific truth. My thoughts are energy. The way I think matters.

III. The Law of Action
Action/movement/energy driven toward a constant objective manifests that objective. Inaction/lack of movement produces death.

IV. The Law of Correspondence
The seen (eyes) and unseen (spirit) function in tandem. There is nothing happening inside of me that I have not welcomed and perpetuated. Nothing!

V. The Law of Cause and Effect
Each action produces an effect. An undisciplined mind is creating/manifesting situations I “say” I do not want.

VI. The Law of Compensation
Material possession (or financial) are the physical manifestations of my action. There is always an exchange. I get what I give, in earnest.

VII. The Law of Attraction
Like attracts like. I get back what I put forth.

VIII. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
I am given the gift of choice in this life. I choose what I want to be and become in any moment. I possess everything required to change. I need only act on my potential.

VIV. The Law of Relativity
I will bear a burden in this life. What will I choose to do with it? Who will I decide I am going to be? This is the law of gratitude.

X. The Law of Polarity
Everything has an opposite. Polarity represents the two extremes of any situation. Both have meaning for me. My job is to look and apply the information.

XI. The Law of Rhythm
Energy vibrates with a rhythm, a cycle. I am part of that cycle. I get life with the good and the bad. When I am in alignment with this rhythm I can accept life on life’s terms.

XII. The Law of Gender
I possess an energy that is both masculine and feminine. This creates an optimal me. Learning how to access both creates balance. I am a combination of both. I embrace all aspects of self.

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  • Excellent. Excellent.

  • Hi Lisa, I just found your blog. I am new to both recovery and the blogging world. I have 179 days clean and sober (will have 6 months tomorrow!), and have less than 100 posts. But I am so happy to have found your blog, and look forward to reading more!

  • Hi Lisa, great blog. I like your attitude – authenticity and integrity are the building blocks of transformation. I love transformation!

    • Oh thank you for the kind words. Some days it seems hard to imagine I ever made it through any part of my life with my old thinking. Nice to be aboard with all of you incredible journeyers.

  • Great to have come a cross you your blogs are a big help in my recovery I am not part of AA I follow Buddhism but find parts of AA very helpful once again thanks for your blogs

  • this is great! i’ve been thinking if teaching the 12 laws in my psychoeducation sessions for drug dependents. i see that this worked for you, hopefully, this would also work for them. 🙂

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