Am I a Sober Blogger Anymore?

After a long blogging hiatus, I am excited to be tapping away on thoughts that are closer to my heart. I started the Sober Identity blog in 2012. I was eager to share my journey with 12-step recovery, energy medicine, and Recovery as it converges with A Course In Miracles. I am equally as eager to share the opportunities that opened through my commitment to continue a path of recovery.

This journey started as a simple attempt to stop drinking for one year. The journey has continued for the past thirteen years and I can honestly say I have looked back, but I’ve never wanted to go back to the girl I used to be.

Was it easy? No.

As most of us learn … the greatest joys are often brought about by the fiercest struggles. I liken it to watching the Olympics. We admire the medal winners but rarely do we appreciate the willingness to be training at 5:00 AM. We want the glory without the work.

I had never realized, as clearly as I now do, the importance of that one moment that changes the trajectory of your life forever. There were so many moments that I let slip by because I failed to recognize the answer was already within reach. I just had to learn how to reach.

Recovery has taught me to reach for greatness in the little things.

Recovery started as “getting sober” but as I pursued bigger dreams, more knowledge, and deeper understandings, the idea of drinking became a distant part of my past. It has remained a distant memory, in every way.

There is much to learn about the body, the transfer of energy in the body, intentions, and even simple goals. The convergence of science and philosophy has brought me to a place of utter humility. Not humility as a place of weakness, but humility as a measure of strength.

I am not the confused girl who stopped drinking in March 2004. I am different in every way.

So, I’m excited to be back writing and will continue reading. I am grateful for this community and I have missed being here.

There is still plenty to learn.

Yes, I am officially a sober blogger—again.

17 Responses to “Am I a Sober Blogger Anymore?

  • Can I say: welcome back? 🙂
    I am looking forward to your posts.
    xx, Feeling

    • Lisa Neumann
      6 years ago

      Thanks Feeling. I’m excited to be writing again. You are so great about regular blogging. I’m borrowing some of your inspiration.

      • Ghegheghe…. I have no other place to let the demons out ;-). However, if there is anything which speaks to you, you are welcome to borrow. 🙂
        xx, Feeling

  • tmichaelwilliams
    6 years ago

    Nice to see a fresh post! I’m looking forward to what’s next!

    • Lisa Neumann
      6 years ago

      Hi Michael, Nice to see your beautiful words. ♥

    • Lisa Neumann
      6 years ago

      I have been loving the Recovery SI blog. I’d comment every time, but you’d think me crazy if I did. LOL. I am finally making time to write—again.

  • Lovely, Lisa. So is the post. 🙂

  • And very much welcomed back! I like the idea of tapping away at the things closest to your heart. I enjoy blogging for that sort of intimacy and immediacy–the need to write was is close and right now.

    • Lisa Neumann
      6 years ago

      Thank you Mark, It’s fun to feel so excited—again.
      Always a pleasure to read your eloquent words. You are one of my favorite bloggers.

  • I’m only five days sober (so far!) but since I’ve returned to my old love of blogging to chronicle the journey I had this question in my mind and you’ve partly answered it with this post. I have been reading blogs and books by bloggers and wondering if, over time, you cease to identify as a citizen of the #sobersphere? Do you reach a point where it’s just one part of your life, like enjoying BBC crime shows, or making your own bread? Or does your/our choice/need to be sober always stand out as a stark contrast to the Rest Of The World?

    • Lisa Neumann
      6 years ago

      Mrs. Sobers, Let me start by saying THANK YOU for 1) the heartfelt comment and 2) congrats on day five of recovery. (Honestly, five days was harder than 5 years.) I am dedicating my next post to this very subject, as I think this is exactly what kept me from blogging (and maybe a little laziness). I was feeling like I couldn’t relate to the newly sober in recovery and I simply wasn’t interested in “remembering” old stories for the sake of writing. I have found that my spiritual work has brought a new energy to my writing. I’ll probably post in the next few days so I do hope you come back and share more thoughts. Light and love my new friend … Light and Love ♥

      • Thank you too! I am finding the visualisation of my sober life is the biggest difference between now and the various ‘dry drunk’ (new phrase for me) stints I’ve had over the years. And of course, reading about other women’s experiences and finding common ground is a great way to set up those mental pictures xx
        Looking forward to reading more from your past and your future, Lisa.

        Mrs (Bec) Sobers

  • Congratulations on another year of sobriety Lisa.

    • Lisa Neumann
      6 years ago

      Thank you Ronnie! (You must have that marked on your calendar. Or your memory is amazing!) LOL. Glad we are still connected. Sending lots of love. ♥

      • I had it in my WordPress notes, and then transferred it to MS Outlook. Once it is in my Outlook it is set in stone.

        I tried to send a message to you on Twitter last year, but it would not allow me to.

        Lots of love Lisa. <3

  • Excellent post! And, btw, this community is grateful for you!

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