It’s not happening to me, it’s just happening

We own everything that happens around us as if the universe was out to mock, assault or, at the very least, inconvenience us. This is inaccurate; flat out untrue.

The universe in its intelligence wants us to flourish. “Biological imperative” is built into us at a cellular level. We are designed to survive. Survival is not stagnant, it moves forward—always. If we are not growing and adapting we are dying.

So why is it that we perceive every little bump, detour, inconvenience as the world out to get us? The short answer … we were taught this. The long answer … we’ve reinforced this belief through generations. The established collective consciousness of the planet has accepted this as a truth. We have adapted the belief that things are happening to us rather than just happening or dare I say … HAPPENING FOR US.

“Heresy,” you shout!

We almost appreciate believing this non-truth because then we can go on being THE VICTIM to our circumstance. We get to play small in life instead of stepping in and taking a risk. As long as we believe the universe is testing us and there is no way we can win, we get to stay comfortably limited. If only the contractor hadn’t screwed up, if only they hadn’t said that, if only it was easier to eat better, if only we had more money, if only we were athletic, if only the kids weren’t sick, if only, if only, if only …

Enough already, the banker, boss, postman, our parents, et al. are all just doing what they are doing and it has nothing to do with us. If something doesn’t go our way and we don’t like it, so what? Why get attached? Why take everything personal? Don’t get me wrong if we did something egregious to someone and they are angry we did play a part. What we are suggesting here is that we needn’t get emotionally involved if there is no true attachment. Let it go, let it roll right on by. Who cares if they don’t like our post, we like our post. Who cares if they don’t reply to our email inquiry, move on to the next prospect. Who cares if they are having a bad day? Others actions speak about them, not about us! Don’t set our temperature to them. Set our own gauge and stick to it.

It’s how we respond to our day that matters, not what is happening in our day. If we’re overly drawn in then we get to look at self! Where can we grow in patience or compassion? Where can we become more educated or street smart? How can we learn to walk away rather than add to the problem? This post reeks of Universal Law 9, The Law of Relativity. Everything has a purpose and no one is exempt from rites of passage. Our job is to grow so we can flourish. If that’s what we want. It’s always a choice.

No one is forcing us to change. (But we are suggesting that the complaining end.) Life is just happening, not to us, but for us. And it’s happening with or without our consent.

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  • You’re Blog could not have been more on the money for me today. My ego attacked me today with enormous power. As I strive to regain my Spiritual footing today you remind me about the power that I have the ability to tap into if I am willing. I thank you for you’re continued support through this transition I am going through.

  • I adore you! The question is never, “Are these moments coming?”, but rather, “Who do I want to be when it does?” None are exempt. As a matter of opinion, when we think we are exempt, we usually get our self into trouble. Stay teachable without abandoning your principles.

  • Hey Lisa,

    I greatly appreciate what you write, and with respect especially considering your deeply thoughtful & insightful words on my latest post, but I do differ in some things.

    I don’t think the universe “wants us all” to flourish, & what springs to mind here is the reality of a two-headed three-beaked bird that someone (can’t rem which country) photographed in their back yard, & it made news. It appears to me, the universe didn’t make much effort for that particular bird to flourish

    – or in the interpretive, a deformed baby NEGLECTED BY PARENTS WISHING ONLY FOR A PERFECT CHILD (e.g. the hundreds in orphanages in Romania etc) to flourish. A handicapped child could be put into care for the term of their natural life, or they could be embraced by loving parents who see their spirit “nonetheless” and stay on the path with them, this unusual walk this lifetime. That is, the universe wasn’t doin’ any flourishin’!

    I do recognise of course, nor is the child, or the bird, a VICTIM of the universe, because my view is the universe isn’t meaning anything about us! We are meaning it all about us, and doing it (which I think, really, is what you’re saying too).

    I am not aiming to be negative, only to comment that it doesn’t appear to me the universe, as if it were a breathing being, cares for us any to flourish, at all. It is us/our inherent spirit who needs to care to flourish, and our spirit can be drained from us in childhood experiences – or strengthened through childhood experiences; or we can be overcome mentally & emotionally (because of our personal constitutions) due to experiences caused by others but INVITED BY OURSELVES, which harm to self we invite, because of our self belief – because of our raising!

    Do you sort of get my picture? Please forgive me – your comment to my page was so positive & it seems I am being contrary here, but I feel it is not a universe which cares at all that we flourish, but rather, our spirits by the very nature of their luminous beauty divine, cares for us to flourish, and struggles to, through the mire that we basic human beings create, in assault upon each other, for the assault spent upon ourselves – until we change, determine to change how the next branch of our family tree will grow. For example, I have lifted my own child’s face up to the light, so he may catch the light and breathe it into his centre as I tend his roots, and water/feed his needs, until he is himself a strong oak, bearing offspring his own.

    Please do not be offended by my honesty of expression; I do not ever mean to be negative, but do recognise I could be interpreted not as meant to deliver.

    Sincerest best,


    • Life is boring when everyone agrees with me. Thank you for your words. I do get your “picture” and will contemplate what you have said. My words are to shed light on the fact that we have a choice for self and as a collective consciousness we have a choice for our planet (including its inhabitants). If biological imperative seems awry in its physical manifestation (i.e. the bird) the conscious choice for humans would be for compassion rather than sensationalism. For me it’s in seeing the function/the purpose in something and seeing the goodness of the purpose. (As opposed to always seeing the “what if.”)

      As an ex-addict this has not always been my modi operandi. My survival depends on how I perceive what is happening and what action I take in support of my choice.

      Very deep thoughts. This is more of a conversation than a reply to a blog post. Keep posting. I love it.

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