The Climb To Sobriety: The Best Of Today’s Alternative & Holistic Methods For Finding Recovery


When it comes to recovery, many people think that support groups and rehab centers are their only option — but they’re not. They stand strong as treatment options — especially since rehab and aftercare programs up the odds of sobriety by 50% — but other methods combined with these (and an open and determined mind) will completely shift your life. 

Treating addiction means digging down to addiction at it’s core. That means resolving problems, changing habits, uncovering limiting beliefs, and building healthy skills and behaviors. Ultimately, we need to change the way we think and feel. The modalities I have to share with you can do just that.   



Energy Work

Energy pathways are “treated” by raising vibration with high frequency modalities that may utilize meridians, crystals, essential oils, tones, and so on. I know, it sounds like a bunch of hibbidy-jibbidy, but these “wacko” ideas have been blowing the minds of scientists and they’re absolutely worth looking into.

The impact of energywork can be a hard thing to grasp, but it’s simple when you see the connection between negative emotions/thoughts and the body. The next time you’re angry or upset, tune into your body to see how it feels. If you’re like me, you’ll notice that your chest feels heavy, and your mind feels dark and foggy. These dark, heavy, and muddled sensations are no coincidence — they’re a direct result of the heavy and dense nature of low frequencies. Joy, clarity, and a feeling of worth come from a higher state of mind through high frequency thinking and feeling. That’s precisely what makes energy work so helpful.

Put simply, high frequencies keep things light and allow energy to circulate quickly and effectively. In this way, energy work is like going to the gym. If we’re sitting all the time, our body will get stiff and achy because it’s not getting blood and oxygen from movement. Likewise, hurt and anger impede the circulation of energy. When we sit too long, things becogems-1400682_640me stagnant and cause damage to the body (not to mention, the heart and soul). This can all change with a single session at the gym. Once we get our bodies moving with cardio, weights, or yoga, circulation is back in full swing. Fresh oxygen is drawn to the muscles we’re using, feel-good hormones are produced to refresh our well-being, and our heart and body is strengthened. The body needs this to be healthy, and so does the heart and soul.

If you’d like to try shifting your own energies, there are essential oils that can help anger and promote positive emotions. Essential oils are highly volatile (as in, they quickly turn into vapor), so the combination of their high-vibration energy can be inhaled into our olfactory system and provoke immediate results. Quality crystals also offer a simple everyday boost to well-being. Crystals interact with our electromagnetic field and alter our energetic vibration, so their benefits can be received by wearing them as a necklace, throwing them in a pocket, of putting them under a pillow or mattress. Crystals are formed through different processes, so every type comes with different benefits. You can learn more by reading The Crystal Bible, but the easiest way to tell if a crystal can help you is by holding it in your hand and feeling how it impacts you. Do it with a few crystals, and you’ll quickly discover the energies within gemstones.



The rhythm and lyrics of a song create a very distinct mood. Whether that mood is light and upbeat, or dark and depressing; the mood of the song will sneak its way into your own mood. Set an intention for your day, and you can deliberately choose music that offers you the rhythms and inspirations to get things done. Bedtime is an especially great time to use music. There are an array of artists that create music especially for meditation and sleep, and they can help enhance relaxation and sleep patterns. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has long studied the connection between acoustics and mind-body healing, and his musical works serve as “brain entrainment” by provoking the brainwaves of a higher and clearer state of mind. Listening to them, even in sleep, offers a brain workout for mental well-being.

While you’re looking into healing acoustics, treat your ears to the “sacred rhythms” of solfeggio frequencies. Specific emotions, chakras, and states of mind correspond with certain frequencies, and musical tones solfeggio tones are, themselves, frequencies. The idea of using music for healing may sound like more hibbidy-jibbidy, but we all know that a song by a heavy band like Metallica sets a very different environment than a “lighter” song by someone like Jason Mraz. Rhythm, speed, and tone of the music we listen to absolutely have an impact on us. Thus, music especially designed for healing and awakening can be an incredibly powerful tool in recovery.  


Animal Therapy

The idea of using an animal as a therapist is unconventional to say the least, but various types of animals are being used for an array of ailments. Therapy horses are being23199724360_8fd01293bf_z used to treat ailments like autism and physical disorders. Therapy dogs are trained to help soldiers cope with PTSD, and they even help them cope with the challenge of shifting from the stress and trauma of military service, to a civilian life that can feel awkward and mundane. Even more mild conditions like bipolar disorder warrant a doctor’s note for a therapy animal (which is precisely why Star Wars celeb Carrie Fisher got her bulldog Gary).

Specially-trained therapy animals paired with professional counselors pack a powerful impact, but simply having a house pet could make all the difference in recovery. Studies show that petting an animal promotes the production of feel-good hormone oxytocin. In fact, one study showed that eye-gazing between humans and dogs was enough to get oxytocin flying. This makes pets a huge asset in coping with depression and physical pain. On top of all that, a pet offers us a friend who’s there for us, without any criticisms or strings attached. It’s just love; pure and simple.      



There brain has five different types of brainwaves; alpha, delta, beta, gamma, and theta.Theta brainwaves are what spark imagination and creativity, and they also enable a hypnotic state. Theta brainwaves are the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious. While hypnosis can be a helpful modality for healing, ThetaHealing uses a conscious and awake theta brainwave rather than the unconscious theta of hypnosis. Achieving a conscious theta brainwave allows for the subconscious to be tapped into on a conscious and intentional level.  Our habits and behaviors have deep roots in our subconscious, so this can be an incredible tool in healing and recovery. In fact, the powers of ThetaHealing are what led to the Sober Identity blog… 


EFT Tapping

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique; and boy, is it ever. It’s a ridiculously simple process of tapping that seems like nothing special, but there’s so much more than meets the eye. EFT tapping stimulates the meridian lines (energy channels) which course through our body, while initiating a dialogue with the subconscious mind. Provoking energy flow requires little more than affirmations and the light touch of a finger on specific meridian points.

The process of EFT tapping is so simple, you could follow Dr. Mercola’s EFT tutorial and do it yourself. But don’t think it’s any less legit because it can be done at home. For one thing, our quality of life is determined by the little things we do every day. For another, medical experts like Dr. Mercola attest to the power of tapping, and he’s but one of many experts witnessing it’s benefits. There’s a reason health practitioners are jumping on the bandwagon to “Cuckooville.” This stuff really works!



Pens and pencils are used less and less these days, but journaling is still a powerful tool. Taking the time to write and pour our hearts out allows for thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to be revealed. Journaling doesn’t require any structure or protocol, but there are journaling techniques which can be especially insightful. One is the Letter-To-Source technique. Journal your question and then give yourself a moment to sit in silence while you contemplate how Source (God) would respond. When you feel ready, write out the answer that comes to you. This technique can b
e deeply insightful because our intention in set on coming from a higher place. But whether we journal with a special approach or freehand, contemplating our life enables us to come to
understanding our overall perspective on life.



The role of a coach is to help us reach our goals. They do this by watching us, assessing our skill levels, and coming up with a “training” that will help us build the skill and strength we need to get where we want to be. There are a variety of coaches out there. You can certainly find a life coach that specializes in matters of business and finances, but there are just as many coaches who specialize in areas like recovery, abuse, and childhood trauma. If you want to learn more about how coaching services can help addiction, post in the comments below or send an email. It’s Lisa’s specialty.

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