Top 20 Drinking Beliefs

ln heartI love drinking.

Drinking makes me feel better.

Drinking is the answer.

Drinking is the question.

Drinking is fun.

I’m more interesting when I’m drinking.

Alcohol is only a problem when there isn’t enough.

Life is better with a drink.

My family loves it when I’m drinking.

I’m more relaxed when I’m drinking.

I think more clearly when I’m drinking.

I’m more creative when I’m drinking.

Life without drinking would be sad.

Life without alcohol would be lonely.

I need alcohol.

I miss alcohol.

I want alcohol.

Drinking is the answer to life’s discomfort.

The world gets the best of my gifts when I am drinking.

I love alcohol.


Top 20 Non – Drinking Beliefs 

(Take out the underlined word and replace it with my name/I/me.)

I love me.

I feel better.

I am the answer.

I am the question.

I am fun.

I’m more interesting when I’m me.

I’m only a problem when I’m not enough.

Life is better with me.

My family loves it when I’m me.

I’m more relaxed when I’m me.

I think more clearly when I’m me.

I’m more creative when I’m me.

Life without me would be sad.

Life without me would be lonely.

I need me.

I miss me.

I want me.

I am the answer to life’s discomfort.

The world gets the best of my gifts when I am me.

I love me.

Now how do I feel?


26 Responses to “Top 20 Drinking Beliefs

  • So true Thanks for sharing HUGS

  • Ahh so true as always Lisa, thank you!

  • Lisa, this is beautiful. Thank you for posting this today. I’ve had a hard weekend and I really needed to read these words again and have my perspective reframed. To remember that I’m my own answer, that living without myself, my true self, would be lonely. I needed these reasons today to return to myself. Thank you so much, I am so grateful to have read this.

    • You are so welcome. Thanks for coming to read. Sometimes that was all it took for me, you know, that one little sentence that shifted everything within me. I felt grateful then and I still do. We all have today, no more, no less. What an honor to walk with such beautiful friends. lots of love, lisa

  • Life is better with Lisa…and Me/Divine Mother!
    Thankyou for this inspired and true offering.

  • This is wonderful Lisa. I love this. It also highlighted to me some of my key problematic drinking beliefs reading this. Thank you.

    • Lilly … Beautiful Lilly how are you? I am a month, or more, behind on blog reading. But you are one that I think of often. I am so pleased that this was of help to you today. Even as I typed it, I was reminded that I am my own problem and I am my own answer. I still catch myself fighting things, but it’s okay. And I know it’s okay because I never give up hope that I can keep growing and keep becoming more of something wonderful. Never give up on you. You are a beautiful, beautiful lady. All my love, lisa

  • I love me. I love you, Lisa. Thank you for everything you do in my life.

    • You reap the rewards because you consistently work at growing. You never give up hope for a brighter day. It is a wonderful quality to possess and one that will carry you far in all your endeavors. All my love beautiful one. xox Me

  • this is amazing!!! thank you so much for posting!

    • I like your cyber name. I can safely say I left the old Lisa behind and found a much better one to pal around with everyday. Thanks for reading and especially for commenting. Hope to get to know you better. with love, lisa

  • Lee Davy
    10 years ago

    Hi Lisa,

    What a wonderful way to use words to make a point. You must have spent a long time thinking about this and I for one appreciate it.

    Here are two I thought of.

    Drinking gives me a sense of purpose

    I give myself a sense of purpose

    Drinking is normal

    I am normal

    Lee Davy
    The Needy Helper

    • Lee. I love these ones you added. Thank you. Even after I posted this I started thinking of more. I even started plugging other words in like “cookies” ( my current #1 offender). Seems this will be a life long mantra for me.: “I am enough”

  • Reblogged this on One day at a time. and commented:
    This is fantastic.

  • Lisa,
    This is such a great reminder to us all of the power we gave to alcohol. So glad to have my power back.

    • Amen to that. I am constantly amazed by the power I give to others and things. Nice to be on a spiritual journey of enlightenment. Thankful for good friends to share this journey.

  • I’m going to print this one out—worth reading again and again.


  • Hope you don’t mind but I reposted this on my blog. It is just so perfect a reminder of why I have given up drink and I why I need to keep at it.

    • It’s an honor, thank you. I am just catching up on my blog reading, so I’m excited to come and learn more about your tools for recovery too. xox

  • Hi Lisa, weird thing… this post did not show up in my reader. I had to seek it out, so strange! But I’m glad I did, inspired thought, and beautifully written! Glad I got the reminder that both the problem and the solution lie within me!

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