Online Recovery Coach

Drinking too much?

Find long-term recovery challenging?

Do you want to explore your issues in the privacy of your home?

Can you stay committed to a 3 – 6 month coaching process?

An online recovery coach is a perfect option.

Experience the power and get empowered in your life.

Working with an online coach gives you complete privacy and a loving environment to get honest about your situation.

Many of us started our journey as high-bottom drinkers in the professional world.

The challenge:

How do we bridge this gap as seamlessly as possible?

Most professionals drink when socializing.

Come and explore your alternatives to restructuring your life.

“We have  many tools at our disposal. We simply need to understand and apply our options. Having an online recovery coach available was key to those subtle battles that tried and take me down.”

Lisa Neumann

Lisa Neumann is the author of Sober Identity: Tools for Reprogramming the Addictive Mind.

She is a certified life skills coach, board certified bioenergetic healthcare practitioner, and a certified drug and alcohol counselor.

She’s also a recovered addict.

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Clients Share

cropped-green-daisy1.jpg“My work with Lisa changed much more than my drinking habit. She saved my life. I learned to change me. She is the most loving and firm woman I’ve ever known. I cannot recommend her enough.” —Elisabeth Brown, N.C.