Patience do I have it?

Too often I am set on my agenda arriving in the specific form at the specific time, that I, (in all my wisdom) have designed. Where is that fine line that shows me when I need to plan and then let go? Too often I can get started on the process of acheiving something, say a “goal”, and then I push, push, push …. I forget that the idea/goal was inspired in the first place and somehow I think I need to drive and direct and micro-manage the whole process.

When I lack patience I’m basically telling The Universe that I don’t trust Its Infinite Wisdom … and then I am in a quantum field where I am actually producing more of exactly what I don’t want.

                                   So, today I will do my best and then let it go.                                  

The Universe is working on my behalf if I let it.

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  • GENIOUS! When we lack patience, we’re doubting the Universe’s ways! amazing!!!!

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