Crave happiness

I really do crave happiness, so why don’t I let myself enjoy it.

So often we would rather be right than be happy. So often we measure our success by what we have yet to complete rather than what we have completed. Too often we simply won’t allow our self to be pleased with what we do have … right here, right now.

It is as if that negative chatter in our head won’t give us a moments rest. Who allowed those voices in anyway? We did, of course. The goal here can be to learn to train our minds to think differently. Whatever we focus our attention on will grow, whether it serves us or not. Am I willing to focus on thoughts that serve me?

For today I will put myself back on track with my thinking. When my thoughts are not serving me, I will thank them for sharing and move onto thoughts that allow me to flourish. Awareness is the first step to changing my thinking. Thus, changing what I manifest.

Learning to live at peace with one’s self is an art. I am ready to take on the Art of Living Happily and Peacefully.

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