Extraordinary – I’ll settle for content

So many of us think extraordinary … who cares about that, I’ll be pleased with a happy and contented life. Forget the extraordinary part.

OGEL was born from precisely this place. A girl who only started out wanting an average, ordinary life, nothing special, no bells or whistles … waking up happy in the morning would have been all right with her. As she embarked on her journey it felt more like a wrecking ball had come into her life. What was supposed to be a building up appeared more like a tearing down. As if the universe said, “Great, I’m glad you’re ready to get started, but first we need a new foundation”.

Humbling words for a woman who thought she knew how to live life. It seemed like the first couple of years was more flattening than anything else. Looking back she can now see that what appeared to be falling apart was really falling together.

So, a little time has passed and she sees the value in the experience. What materialized was something beyond what she had hoped for (at least consciously). The manifestation of a new perspective on who she was.

Funny thing … it is more of an unlearning rather than an actual learning that shifted her life. She really have nothing new to learn, in as much as she had to remember. She was convinced that life is (and should be) a certain way and she felt entitled to having things (& people) go that way.

That feeling of entitlement left her feeling as if people and life were doing things against her. Breaking news: People aren’t doing things towards us; they are simply doing what they want to do. We are the ones who take it personal and then … BAM everything explodes and we aren’t sure what happened.

Today she is done with the foundation and working on the frame. She’ll keep you posted on her progress. That girl’s life isn’t extraordinary because she’s famous or popular or loved or rich … it’s extraordinary because she is truly content and happy. She likes who she is today. She likes how she behaves today. She likes that she can be quiet and wait for the answer to come. It always does.

By the way, she’s me!

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  • I suspected it was you! I love this. So, even though I sometimes feel as if my world was tumbling down, it really means it is starting to build up.
    I looove this process. I love it today, I don’t know about tomorrow but that’s just fine.

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