Growing into you

One of the greatest freedoms I have experienced as an adult is the freedom to choose how I want to behave.

So much of who I became was contingent on who I thought you wanted me to be.  Little time was spent exploring what I wanted.  What did I enjoy?  What was my focus? Did I even know how to separate my dreams from your dreams?  I barely even knew what my dreams were … It took time to find my dreams because they were so intertwined with someone else’s.

The joy of really working on yourself is the freedom to make choices … not from a place of need or pressure, but from a place of want and desire. As you grow into you, you get clear on what it is you do and don’t want.  You get clear on who you want to spend time with.  You get to say “no” if you want to and you owe no explanation.  Enjoy the freedom of choice today.  It is a gift.  The choices we make today effect our tomorrows: Choose wisely.

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