Does faith work?

So often we think we have no faith. No faith in anything because nothing… absolutely nothing is going our way. What could there possibly be to have faith in?

Faith, however, is like health. We have it whether we acknowledge it or not. Our recognition of it doesn’t make it true or untrue.

Up until this point your faith in what you currently have in your life is greater than your faith in your ability to change. You have become so stuck in the patterns of your behavior that it seems impossible you will ever change. Maybe you don’t even want to try anymore. The disappointment is too great.

So what takes someone from that place of “I quit” to “I think I’ll give it one more try?”


And from this hope comes forth a small amount of faith that maybethings could be different. It is in this moment that all possibility exists. Now, if only you could just hang onto that feeling. The feeling that you really are going to start doing things differently.

In all of us, we have achieved something against all odds. What was that thing for you? Do you know how you did it? Have you ever even thought about it? If you haven’t thought about it, than I am sorry to say you have all your faith wrapped up in failure. Your failure has become your new pattern … the new status quo!

What would it take for you to raise the standard? Here are some suggestions for today:

  • Today I will listen and ask questions for clarity
  • Today I will look people in the eye when we speak
  • Today I will move my body
  • Today I will be grateful for fresh water and my bed
  • Today I will eat fresh food
  • Today I will tell someone I love them
  • Today I will have loving self talk

I hope you have a beautiful day today. Love you today, have faith in something new today. You just might be surprised at how much faith works.

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