That crystal clear type of clarity

After a killer session with my coach, Red at The M3 Blog, I’m moving forward with clarity—the crystal clear type.

leap1.jpgMy assessment: You don’t know what you don’t know even though you’re sure you know.

While this seems anything other than obvious, it continues to amaze me. As a coach myself, it’s easy to see in others what they cannot, or will not (resist), see in themselves. It’s easy because I’m on the outside looking in. I’m not emotionally attached. I don’t have my preconceived beliefs (aka programming) directing the path of thought.

A great coach:

  1. Meets me at my point of origin (Point O).
  2. Asks me where I want to go and then listens to my answer.
  3. Points out that a flash light is not as good a navigational tool as a compass. (All while I insist I’ve only been trying to stay in the light.)
  4. Leads me through the brush showing me how to wield a machete.
  5. Stands with me overlooking the edge.
  6. Resolutely and gently conveys it is time to leap.
  7. Assures me I am equipped with the necessary apparatus.
  8. Silently and triumphantly holds the space while I contemplate my ability (aka listen to my inner critic).
  9. Reminds me it is time to go. My thinking (ego) will not serve me now. If I have made a sound decision there is no going back. I will never get to my point of destination (Point D) doing anything less. (And, this is the least of my journey, although I do not yet know it.)
  10. Nudges me to depart … knowing I will be equally disappointed if I do not leap.

My ego tells me I’ve got it under control. My results show me I’ve only gained to the degree that I have learned and implemented. (The Law of Cause and Effect #5, Sober Identity)

My conclusion: If I haven’t achieved it and I desire to achieve it, there’s room for advancement in my thinking.

I can’t get the new answers with my current thinking/tools. No matter how much light my flashlight sheds, it is not capable of functioning as a compass, machete, moral support and/or map.

My initial thinking/tool has yielded my current status. It produced what it was designed to produce—light. It will not get me to the cliff. No matter how much I plead. I cannot yield a new outcome without investing myself in something other than what I have already called forth. I must call forth something new AND I must act upon this new information (The Law of Action #3, Sober Identity).

When I turned on my flash light all I desired was light. Now, I desire to fly and I’m pissed (at the Universe and myself) that I keep walking in circles with my flashlight. I want to soar. I feel like crying. I cry.

When I am done crying I look at my session notes. I have been taught, now I will implement.

I make the phone call … anyway.
I compose the email … anyway.
I order the software … anyway.
I learn the coding … anyway.
I begin to see new tasks add up.
I list and prioritize the tasks into a doable and achievable schedule.
I follow the schedule.
I’m not scared anymore.
I think I can actually do this.

In one swift week I went from a three to a ten. I don’t know how long I’ll be here. But while I’m here I think I’ll enjoy the double digits.

On that note Christy (aka RoS) I’m going for a run. Thanks for keeping me pumped and moving. Need some inspiration? She’s got some to spare.

Blessings, Lisa

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  • Bravo! You are divorcing insanity. The biggest part of your 10 is knowing you got where you needed your flashlight to take you. Not being where you want to be is not a failure. It is the celebration of the success you have made progress from where you know you do not want to be.

    Time to fly!

    I am so proud of you!

  • Have a great run Lisa! I love seeing the lightbulb going off… You are so awesome!

  • :D. Funny how I wrote u a quick email mentioning the light you shed to my pathway before reading this wonderful post. Connected much? I love having LOTS of room for advancement in my thinking. THANK YOU.

  • Thanks for sharing this, Lisa. It lets me wriggle a little closer to the edge, too.
    Congratulations on taking the leap!
    Love, Susan

  • Wow, I am bookmarking this post. What an amazing evolution of thought. I am so inspired! Thank you for all of your wisdom…

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