Why I make a choice and then refuse the answer

“I’m sure, 100 % confident, that this is what I want. Yes, there is no question about it. I’m going to attract this, create this, today. The universe knows I want this. It will be here—soon. I’ve prayed, asked, hoped, ordered, and craved this. Okay, so where is it? Universe why isn’t it here? Universe? Is anybody listening?”

Sound familiar to anyone? Probably too familiar. We learn (and apply) part of the formula for achievement but not the whole formula; then we are mystified at the complexity of the Universe (or God) because we have not manifested the correct outcome. We can be reassured, however, that any complexity stems from our comprehension of the equation and not the equation, per se.

The equation: md + ma2 + turoti = dr

My desire (genuine) + my action (multiplied) + the universe’s receipt of this information = desired result.

The equation works perfectly. The confusion comes when I am not clear on what it is that I am calling forth (my desire). If this is not crystal clear, my actions won’t be either. When neither of these are in alignment the universe is getting a signal that reads, red light, no green light, no yellow, wait green again, red, now yellow, wait green again, stop its red. It’s no mystery why the universe doesn’t manifest on my behalf. It doesn’t get a clear signal. This is why I don’t attract what it is I say I desire. I don’t truly want what I say I want. I’m scared of what I desire; I’m (sadly) comfortable and feel protected by not stepping into a greater version myself.

It’s not that my body refuses. It’s that I refuse. On a subconscious level, I am refusing. The obstacles seem too overwhelming. My lower self, ego self, is content with the mediocrity (and in some cases disaster) of my life. My lower self will never feel compelled to carry me to greater heights. If I want something greater it has to be a choice; one of free will. I choose it and then I work toward it with perseverance. My body will do nothing that my mind does not tell it to do. If I am not achieving it then something within me is interfering. Not something outside of me. Something within! When I am willing to look within toward that which is holding me hostage, then I will manifest. This belief is what’s holding me back. It would behoove me to find it and talk to it.* When it is free, I am free. When I am free the light stays green.

*Find journaling techniques on pages 121-122 of Sober Identity

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  • Great post Lisa, thanks! I love this: “My body will do nothing that my mind does not tell it to do.” I may use it as new running mantra in its positive: “My body will do anything my mind tells it to do.” I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    • Beautiful! Thanks for getting me thinking about my running mantra.
      My puppy is here with my running socks—again.
      Time to get the endorphins going. Have a great run and a great weekend.

  • Thanks Lisa! Talk about the Universe giving answers…today I’m wondering how to overcome that little inner part of me that gets totally freaked by success, sends out those mixed signals and for some reason seems to want me to fail. And voila, here you are talking about very similar things. Thanks for sharing! If you have any pointers for overcoming a stubborn, scared inner voice, I’m all ears. 🙂

    • Actually I do. Learning to manage those two voices (in some cases 2+ voices) is what I do as a coach. I can share a quick technique with you now.
      It requires a pen and journal (paper). Designate a voice “A” and a voice “B.” Voice A will represent the lower self (stubborn/scared/etc.) Voice B will be the higher self (loving). Start with A then let B respond. Continue the dialogue until you have exhausted the topic. Remembering that B is always the voice for love/peace/reason/Truth. Don’t get into a dialogue with two voice A’s this will be futile. (And it is most often what we do.) It’s a fun exercise and always revealing. I have a few more techniques in my book too. It’s all about reprogramming that subconscious mind.
      Let me know how you do. You can send a direct reply to lisa@competencycoaching.com.
      Best wishes, Lisa

  • “red light, no green light, no yellow, wait green again, red, now yellow, wait green again, stop its red.” 🙂

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