Competency One: I am determined

I was given the gift of choice. As an adult, I am not a hostage to my current conditions. If I feel captive it is because I have unknowingly accepted my situation, seeing efforts at change as futile. Movement beyond this frame holds me captive within my own mind. I must see that change is possible for change to occur. I must be willing to abandon my belief of what is feasible if I want something new.

Achievement isn’t attained because everything goes my way. Achievement is attained because the odds were stacked against me and I persevered.
Working on Competency One requires an attitude of absolute purpose. Once I have identified my objective (goal/desire) I am willing to do whatever* it takes to reach it.  (*Whatever cannot include harming self or another. Nor can it be illegal or go against my personal philosophy.) Determination is not about bull-dozing my way through life to get what I want. It’s about taking on personal challenges in order that I and others may live a more fulfilled and purposeful life.

Once I have chosen a goal, I create the plan for the achievement of that goal and work toward it—diligently. I do not try a little and then quit when the first issue arises. I must know at the onset that challenges will arise. The brick walls are part of the process, a very natural and predictable part of the process. I don’t set my sights on something and then have it arrive at my doorstep. I work toward it. If I haven’t succeeded thus far in my life, it is safe to say I have not tried or know how to achieve it. Either way, there are unknowns.

It’s the unknown that I get to walk through … NOT THE KNOWN.

I have wanted triumph without obstacles. Difficulties represented a red flag, a reason to abandon the project. I quit and told you it was too hard. Satisfied that I had “tried” I got to be the victim of a universe that didn’t support me. I continued feeling sorry for myself and hoped you would too.

Competency One is about proclaiming my decision to no longer be a victim to whatever holds me back: substances, people, or circumstances. All of these can be overcome with willingness to identify goals and work through the challenges that are showing up. And they will show up. This means definitely and without question. Plan on it—Challenges Ahead!

I gave into excuses of laziness, discrimination, genetics, and demographics.  Competency One means I am no longer willing to give into a life that is anything other than what I can possibly accomplish, regardless of the hurdles.

If I really want it, I will find a way to have it. And if I don’t, I won’t.

It’s that simple. I have to quit trying to fake me out.

Competency One is one of five competencies as derived from Sober Identity

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