I have the best life coach … ever!

Recovery Coach  Life Coach Ava

Often people asks me where I get my inspiration. The quick answer is God. (Actually it’s the only answer) That being said, many cannot relate to God. They maybe never could, maybe they did and it seemed to fail, or even the fact for some it’s just bs—something someone made up to explain this world we live in. Whatever your belief if you aren’t loving your life, it’s fair to say you are somehow disconnected. Disconnected from what? A source of inspiration and motivation that comes from the everyday-ness of life. Finding joy in the simplicity of the everyday motions, this is what I am talking about. Little Ava came

 into our life on January 6, 2012. Our beloved Rex had just passed a week earlier. It seemed the most horrible pain. It seemed we would surely die without Rex here. We did not. Instead we have the beautiful bundle of energy that reminds us everyday how simple  life is. Everything is fun, exciting, energized, loving, sleepy, amazing, full of smell and taste, full of tummy rubs and licks. Ava is the perfect example of how I want to be. If I can grow into something even close to her I will be a very happy woman. I realize that while my intellect is valuable the best things in life are free and they come from a source that is abundant and loving.

If you don’t know how to connect I suggest you ask the universe how you can. Without any doubt or reservation you will get an answer,  a very clear one if you ASK!

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