Thinking, not alcohol, is killing you

For many, the idea that our thinking could be the root of the problem is not good news. When we don’t consider the idea, it means we can legitimately blame something outside of self for the current condition of our life. It suggests we don’t have to take ownership for our current situation as an addict. I whole-heartedly disagree. While there is still an issue regarding the “disease” model of addiction, most agree that it is a disorder. Why do some have a propensity do get addicted and others not? The medical profession looks to find the gene, the link in the coding that allows for this. My question is why does it matter? We are overlooking the most obvious of solutions. Maybe we are not built to ingest this chemical that is having such a harmful effect on our body. Maybe the lesson is to begin to live a loving and meaningful life; a life that does not include the altering of our mind, our thinking, in order to be comfortable in our skin.

From what I have witnessed as a recovered alcoholic (in the recovery field) is that most addicts like the initial feeling of the altered consciousness. When I say “like” I do not necessarily mean to enjoyed, as much as the escape was worth the consequences.  If there was no alcohol and drugs on this planet we would be faced to confront our thinking, our internal warfare, rather than escape and then call the drug the problem.

Because the problem is our thinking we need to look at the issue as chronic rather than acute. It will require long term (lifetime) rather than a short term (one time) treatment. That being said, if the drug was the problem, then removal of the drug would be the solution. It is not the solution. Most untreated addicts go back to their drugs. Stone-cold sober we choose to drink and drug again and again. Until we can identify what is missing in our thinking, we are stuck with the current conditions of our life. Changing how we view self and the world is the solution. Abstinence is the solution. And, without a doubt, the solution is spiritual by nature. Not religious, spiritual. It requires us to get in alignment with the universal laws and get connected to what’s happening within the natural laws of Earth.

Deni Carise talks more about her work with addiction at Addiction Inbox: The Science of Substance Abuse. She states clearly that treatment is effective. We are simply looking for the wrong type of result.  When we stop looking for the quick fix (an addict’s main way of thinking) we will see that treatment is working. Rather than wanting treatment to respond in a 30 day program we need to look at treatment responding for a lifetime. This type of treatment requires a change in our thinking. Changing  thinking is the only thing that will produce the solution. Nothing, I repeat nothing short of this will achieve the desired result. Whether you have a predisposition or not, here is the bottom line—if you want to get and stay sober you will and if you don’t you won’t. It is a choice!

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