It will never be easier than this moment

Too often we stay stuck because we make the assumption that an obstacle will be better overcome—tomorrow!

How erroneous is that? Nothing is easier tomorrow. What or who gave us the idea that postponement gave us a better chance of success? Ridiculous! Where do we get this idea and why do we run with it in our life? I love this topic especially now that I am sober because I still notice how my mind catches me saying, “tomorrow, later, not now, when the kids move out, when there’s more money, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.” No tomorrow. I was both saddened and pleased to learn that it never arrived. It meant that whatever was going to happen was going to happen today, more aptly—now! I knew I was addicted because that “now” moment was so painful if I wasn’t getting “high” or knowing that I was going to get “high” soon. That’s the key for me, realizing my pain won’t kill me. Actually, I won’t even pass out. At worst I will cry, fall asleep, or embarrass myself. Even then, the embarrassment won’t kill me (darn) LOL. I learn to have a sense of humor about self. Humor without alcohol, is this possible? Truly, I love being sober. The adaptation of an improved (vastly) mindset was key. I was am so thankful that someone taught me to say these simple words, “Can you please help me?”

Do it, today! There are people to trust, your job is to find them.

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