Is this an opportunity?

How often does opportunity arrive with an I’m-an-opportunity tag on it?

For most of us the answer is rarely, if ever.  Most of my opportunities have shown up as a problem and usually the big kind.  I spend lots of time trying to avoid the problem until it gets so big that I need to ask for help (something I’m not good at by the way).  How would it feel to seize the situation before it got so big and so unmanageable?  Most of us never give this a second thought.  We are so sure we can manage it and so sure we know the solution and we are definite that we don’t want others interfering or telling us what to do.

With that said, what would today look like if you saw one of your problems as an opportunity?  What would you do differently today?

Where are you struggling today, food issues, money, family, spouse, behaviors, coworkers?  How could a change in attitude soften the situation?  Look to past challenges … weren’t they initially presented as an obstacle?  Use your tools today.

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