The seasons of life

Another week of learning. Awareness … that’s the word for the week. Everything is on a cycle, everything, absolutely everything. Why did I ever think I was going to arrive at this final place of complete and utter joy … and …that it was sustainable? (Well, that’s another topic)

How freeing and actually refreshing to realize that life is a process as sure as the seasons change throughout the year, so do the seasons of my life. For today I am in “Summer” … things are warm, blooming, colorful and welcoming. I am in acceptance of my life, knowing full well that life on life’s terms is forever changing. My ATTITUDE is everything and I can learn to have a different attitude until having a new attitude becomes a natural part of my thinking.

When I accept the seasons of my life I am more capable of accepting it in other’s lives. How sweet to accept others exactly as they are … right here, right now!

Thanks to all the girls I coach for teaching me the POWER of acceptance.

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